The A&K BODYGUARD ACADEMY, is a seminar academy of A & K Risk MANAGEMENT CONSULTING www.ak-riskmanagment.gr and it was found in Greece in 2009, in order to transfer the know-how of its staff from the academies of Israel and America to the Greek security personnel of every company/organization and cover our country’s needs, in cooperation with the experienced Israeli experts of I.T.R.R (Institute Terrorism Research and Response) www.terrorresponse.org.

The A&K BODYGUARD ACADEMY seminars are superior of other countries’ seminars, due to the fact that its instructors are graduates of several academies in Israel and United Kingdom. They are members of International Police Training Organization and official Smith & Wesson instructors, with years of experience on the security sector. In this way they have managed to pool knowledge from all the academies and adjust them to the Greek reality and specificity of the Greek law without experimental and amateur actions, but top of all with respect in the personality of each participant separately.

The seminars’ instructors are ex-police officers, ex-military officers, gymnasts, certified trainers in martial arts, certified trainers in practical shooting (I.P.S.C) and all of them are in cooperation with the experienced Israeli experts of I.T.R.R (Institute Terrorism Research and Response).

The experienced executives of A&K BODYGUARD ACADEMY have focused on the careful schedule of the seminars, analyzing the international standards of police and state services. The seminars are adjusted in the E.C legislation. The content of the seminars is often rescheduled, since the evolutions of the every day situations, impose to do so.


  • New executives that want to become professionals on the field of security
  • Professionals of the kind that want to maintain or update their knowledge
  • Executives of the state police services that want to update their knowledge but for duty reasons, cannot travel abroad
  • Simple people that want to live the experience of training and living conditions that A&K BODYGUARD ACADEMY provides.

    Α&K BODYGUARD ACADEMY & I.T.R.R (Institute Terrorism Research and Response)
    With the establishment and function of A&K BODYGUARD ACADEMY, expensive transition abroad for training and maintenance of knowledge that forced Greek security executives to leave their job, is no longer needed since Α&K BODYGUARD ACADEMY as a trustworthy Greek Academy cooperates with I.T.R.R. The Israeli experts will come in Greece and will impart the knowledge as the most experienced on V.I.P protection. They will give the certifications after the successful end of the seminars.

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